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Welcome friends of fantasy! I’ve been studying writing for a while now and have written scifi / fantasy articles. My main niche is fantasy but when I first began writing in 1999 I wanted to do science fiction but that all changed in 2000 when I read Harry Potter. Then I got into Terry Brooks, C.S. Lewis, and found Jayel Gibson. I’m part of a writers group where I’ve been polishing my (NA) new adult urban fantasy novel and am working on my next sci-fi / fantasy novel. Meanwhile I also write articles. Come explore with a wondering mind. Connect with me through facebook or sign up for the RSS feedto see updates and fantastic freebies like sample chapters of upcoming projects. You can also sign up for my newsletter. Enjoy!

A writers Journey — From the Gresham Outlook newspaper (17)

 Coming soon look for crossword puzzles and coloring pictures based on my novels.

Some News: For the past months I’ve been figureing out Google Play books AI narrator and now I’m proud to say you can now listen to book 1 of “The Chronicle Gate vol. 1: Ethereal” Listen while your out with the kids, or running, or even working, like I do. For $0.99 for limted time!


Read ch. 1-5

Buy here Audio book (AI)

Just updated my cover of “The Lost Angels.”  You can read excerpts of Chapter 1 & chapter2        new ebook cover The Lost Angels

synopsis       Buy a paperback copy or ebook.

Now on Google play!

The Lost Angels

                                                                                         “She’s human. You’re an angel. Remember that.” -Chris

This book is looking for reviews at Amazon or goodreads! Now review at Authorden

Hello FOF, Only six more chapters left to send to my bata readers ‘The Chronicle Gate book 2: Alphine.’ Then I’ll figure out what to do from there. I’ve also been working on a “outline” for ch. 15 of The Lost Angels II. And I just got done reading ‘Fablehaven Grips of the Shadow Plague’ by Brandon Mull. Wow that series is good. I just have one more book to go but now I hear that he just released some new books set in Fablehaven. I’ll have to look into it. Wonder why this didn’t take off as much as ‘Harry Potter’ but I guess everything can’t be in that category. There’s some great series of books that they made into only one movie like ‘Inkheart’ Speaking of movies, here’s an article I wrote about the big main movies this year which is all good. The only complaint I have is that we’ve seen them before:

New article:

Review Round up: Middle Grade Galore

Prequels, sequels, remakes, and reboots: What happened to original stories?

15 best books about angels 

So today instead of an article, I found a video of “the top 10 fantasy books” let me know what you think. Top 10 fantasy books.  —I think they should finish “The Chronicles of Narnia books into movies, but I know they won’t”

I’ve been rewriting and revising my new fantasy novel “The Chronicle Gate” and just last week went to the “Portland comic con” I went to meet Tom Welling at the “Smallville” panel. And the ‘Animebash’ was pretty cool. Dragonball Z is getting a new movie in theaters next Jan! Wow. I’ll have to post pics later. Until then I wrote a new article for this fantasy weekend.  DBZ-dragon

The beginning of magic


Walking Dead from around the World

Sneak A Peek at my up coming novel. Read the synopsis

Excerpt of ‘Chronicle Gate’ vol 1

working to add my writing to the pile of manuscrpts

working on adding my writing to the pile of manuscripts

Hi there. Hope everyone is having a good time here and finding fun facts and enjoying the articles. If you have any suggestions or ideas, even questions, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment. Thank you for your time. (If your under 13 years old please get a parent or a guardians permission)

-N. Lang

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