Virtual people

In Blade Runner : 2049, K has a virtual woman that’s able to roam with him wherever he goes. But could we someday make that into reality. Mark Sagar, a computer scientist seems to be on the cusp of that, well, at least through a computer, right now. Mark Sagar and his team at Soul Machines has created BabyX, a 3D digital child based on images of Sagar’s daughter at 18 months, has rosy cheeks, warm eyes, a full head of blond hair, and a soft, sweet voice.

A baby stuck inside a computer monitor but can react to the user; when Mark holds up books it, or she, can read and react with warm smiles if it’s right or if scolded for a wrong answer, gets teary eyed.

A real virturla person? Mark says in the article, “We want to know what makes us tick.” The interactivity goes both ways, according to Sagar.


The first digital face Mark and his team has developed was in Feb, a woman called Nadia, for Australians National Disabillity, which plan to launch her next year, as an online aid for people with disabilities. Instead of using a text based to talk they could go through Nadia.

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