It’s almost time…Unveiling tittle of new book!

So I finally went to see ‘Black Panther’ this weekend so I can see ‘Avengers’ next weekend. If ‘Infinity War’ is anything like ‘Black Panther’ It is going to be awesome! Marvel fans have been following this for the past eight years. I thought they’d be done but turns out Marvel has more in the works. Are you kidding me! They had a time line and now they are adding more. Can you say over load? They’re good movies, not only good action but great stories that connect together, but still enjoyable on their own stand alone movies as well, but little tid-bits that connect everything together. I’ll still go to them though. I’ve become a Marvel geek! I love how stories connect through out a series.

Speaking of connecting; I’ve just finished cleaning up my manuscript so it’s ready for kindle. It doesn’t like white space. The first in a trilogy. A fantasy; about a human ending up on another planet with species known as ElousensĀ …And he has no idea how he got there… did I mention the human is only a child! The Chronicle Gate saga…coming soon I will release excerpt of ch. 1

So much to still do though… Still looking into getting my own ISBN, which is just a number for books so I can become a “publisher” Oh, and have to think of a cover… Anyway, much to still do…

Avengers Infinity War

It’s been a while since I poste a blog. Almost done with my new book. Doing some minor edits then have to figure out how to make a book cover. Oh, boy. But until then I know I’m not the only one excited for the 27th ‘Avenger day’ I’ve been going on youtube and here is some funny ‘behind the scenes’ look.

Plus, some theories of why don’t we see Hawkeye in the trailer?


oooooh! I for one can’t wait. MCU have been leading up to this since the release of Iron Man in 2008, it hasĀ been nine years of waiting. I will be in front of the line on the day it comes out. Ok, the weekend, but still one of the first. Where will you be?

Avengers Assemble!