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Hello, so I am to the point right now trying to figure out how to gain reviews and grow my readership so I can start placing ad’s and gain some more traction. I’m also half way through with book 2 of “The Chronicle Gate” The first book can be found here both ebook and print . And I’m slowly working on the sequel to “The Lost Angels.”

If you’ve read this and hadn’t left a review it would be much appreciated if you would so other readers can find it. It also helps to grow my readership.  You can leave stars if you don’t wish to write anything. Thank you so much.



New Adult Urban fantasy



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A woman discovers she’s not of this world. . . but of the spiritual world.

Lisa, an aspiring artist who can’t stop painting the angel visiting her dreams, start to see strange things while awake, like demons trying to kill her. A mysterious man enters her life and unlocks the key to her forgotten past. Now she’s on a mission to locate the pieces of the Angelheart before the demons do. Failure means unleashing hell on Earth. . .

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