Prequals, sequels, remakes, and reboots: What happened to original stories?

Holly smokes! I love going to the movies and seeing great stories on the screen, but it seemed all year there was either a remake, ‘Aladdin’, a sequel, ‘Toy Story 4’, a reboot, ‘The Lion King’, or a prequel, ‘The Joker.’

These movies have all been done before, short of ‘Toy Story 4’ and ‘The Joker.’ Phoenix did a remarkable job and the story was well done, now we know there’s a reason for the way Joker is, but I thought we’ve seen his origin story in ‘Suicide Squad’, and we saw it in Tim Burtons ‘Batman’. How many origin stories do we have to see? But of course, if studios are looking at the comics for inspiration, I believe I heard the Joker doesn’t even know his origin story anymore. He gives many accounts, kind of what he did in ‘The Dark Knight.’

Now ‘Aladdin’ the live action movie had little twists and turns to it and added some character depth and a new character. Genie and Jasmin’s handmaiden flirts with each other. And Jasmin wants to be Sultan. Much like in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ these side stories gave it more depth.

Now for ‘The Lion King,’ there were times it felt like Disney just took a Discovery Channel animal show and dubbed the animated movie on top. I was hoping for something new like it would have been great to see Sarabi and the lioness make a plan to try and overthrow Scare. Oh and the other problem is they sing “Can you feel the Love Tonight” in the afternoon. It wasn’t even dusk. Good time to go to the bathroom.

But my intend isn’t to put down Disney. I love their movies and they have great stories. It’s other movie studios that also suffers from lack of originality. I saw a trailer for Rambo Last Blood. And another Top Gun movie is coming out. Do we need movies to continue from the 80’s and 90’s? I also just heard their making another Matrix movie. Matrix was a great trilogy with a solid ending. What else could they say about it or are is it a reboot also?

Maybe studios are just in a slump and not sure where to go for stories. Seems that all the original stories are going to the small screen like Netflex, Amazon, Hulu. Some even come from books like ‘Bird Box’ or ‘13 reasons’ or something new all together like ‘Stranger Things.’ But I get it. Studios go the route of remakes because the market is already there from ten or twenty years ago. Our minds go back to what we’ve seen before when a familiar tittle shows up. The characters are the same. The actions the same. Even the music sometimes. I was listening to “Hans Zimmer Live” and when I heard The Avatar music I knew exactly where it was placed in the movie.


I’d love to see more original stories on the big screen again though, even some books we’ve never seen before like Terry Brooks ‘Magic Kingdom of Landover’ series or ‘Kirk’ by Carol Beer, or ‘Agent Mirror’ series by Jayel Gibson. I just got into the ‘Fableheave’ series. Wow. That be good too. I know there’s some great movies coming out that are based on books that look pretty good but a lot of them are coming to an app near you, not a theater. You think it’s time for more original stories on the big screen again? Are you getting tired of remakes and reboots and ready for something totally new and fresh?

Note : I didn’t say anything about Toy Story 4′ because I haven’t seen it yet but I hear only good things.

2 thoughts on “Prequals, sequels, remakes, and reboots: What happened to original stories?

  1. Hello,

    I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.


  2. Hello Adriana, thank you for notifying me. As you can see I’m not used to getting comments so I don’t normally check my pages. I hope these two links work for you. I’m finding that D2D doesn’t like certain browsers for some reason. Let me know if these work?
    Thanks for letting me know and I hope you have a happy new year.
    One of these should work.
    “The Lost Angels”
    “The Chronicle Gate”
    “The Chronicle Gate”
    “The Lost Angels”


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