sequel update: CGvol 2 and The Lost Angels II

Hello FOF, so after a year of sending chapters to my writers group and editing every weekend and nights after work, (when I’m not too tired) I’m happy to say that “Chronicle Gate Vol 2: Alphine” is revised. Now I’m going through it again though and tweaking it more though. Because there’s always tweaking. Just like building a house, there’s always more to do on it after it’s built. I will be sending the whole manuscript to my wg so they can read it as a book should be read. Just to give you a taste, Taylinn and Sinya set off into space across the galaxy and across time to search for Taylinn’s dad. Their friends will also be joining them and two mysterious pair of figures help them find out some secrets that Taylinn’s dad has been keeping!

I’ve also been writing “The Lost Angels II” I’m on ch. 25 as I write this. I’ll give you a clue. A spiritual force is after Rachel’s kids, but it’s not demons. It’s Angels! Meanwhile Lisa learns about the truth about the Eternal Angel!

I wish everyone well and read the first of both novels so you can be ready for the sequels! “The Chronicle Gate vol 2: Alphine” should be out sometime this year.

Tales of the Magic Ring


“There are many magic rings” — Gandalf

Rings can be many things. It can be a symbol of love, a promise made by someone. In some tales though, it can also have magic properties to turn the user invisible like in many tales such as with The Ring of Power from “Lord of the Rings.” Some rings can emit beams and form shapes like in ‘The Green Lantern’ comics or like in my own novel ‘The Chronicle Gate’ or create swords out of beams like in ‘Spaceballs’ such a great movie by the way.

There are also rings that can take you to another realm like ‘The Chronicle of Narnia: The Magicians Nephew’ when Digory and Polly went to Narnia. It’s been a while since I read that one. While others can manipulate the weather and summon super beings like the Planeteers in ‘Captain Planet’ while others are cursed just like in ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Dumbledore thought he could destroy it but it left his hand dying, causing his body to die within a year.

I understand that even video games can’t escape the power of the magic ring such as Final Fantasy. Stories of magic rings go way back to even Shakespeare in ‘A Midsummer Tempest,’ from which Titania give two characters magical rings that will aid them as long as they are true to each other. Earliest stories of the ring of power, according to legend, was owned by King Solomon, the great and wise King of Israel. Legend says that he used it when he was building the Temple of Jerusalem in order to gain power over the demons who tried to destroy it. Belief in this may date back to the 300s A.D or earlier.

Have you ever wondered why magicians use the rings in the show? It is said Wizards used to be the only ones to use magic rings. No humans and no Hobbits. The ring is an eternal object, rounded, meaning there is no beginning and there is no ending. Who would have thought such a simple object can hold great meaning to different people. Marriage, engagement, promise, and anniversaries. But unlike in ‘Lord of the Rings’ there is no One Ring of power.