Upcoming Star Wars projects

I remember as a kid in 1994 getting “Star Wars A Crystal Star” and loving it at the time. Then I devoured many Star Wars lore through middle and high school. That’s one reason I loved the Star Wars trilogy so much because unlike Star Trek it was just the three movies and if you wanted to see more you’d read books or comics. But now we have both series and movies for the Star Wars universe. Some good, Some ok. I have seen “Rise of Skywalker” twice and have to say I loved it. It had good action, good story, now things make sense with Rey. I only have a few minor complaints and if you want to see that. Click the link below if you’ve seen the movie.


on with what’s to come:

Kenobi TV Series:

Details of this are still sketchy but we cannot wait to see this. We already saw some of it in “Rebels” When Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul on Tattoine. According to radargames.com there has been some rewrites to the script but other than that not much is known.  McGregor said in an interview. “They’re still shooting towards having the film [show] release when it was going to be originally.” Quote from “Newsweek Star Wars”

Cassian Andor Rogue One Spin-off series :

A new beloved character will make his return when Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor from Rogue One gets his own prequel series on Disney+ Alan Tudyk will also return as the droid K-250. The new series will be “a rousing spy thriller.”

A Kevin Fieige Film :

Details of this is still mysterious but lets just hope they have nothing with time-travel in it.

Star Wars: Detours: (Rumored)

This series is co-created by Robot Chicken’s Seth Green and has 39 completed episodes. The animated series offers a comedic take on the Star Wars films. But this misfit comedy might finally have a chance at Disney+

I haven’t seen “The Mandalorian” yet but I there’s suppose to be a second season coming this November. I’m sure there’s so much more to come. We just have to wait. Patience, young Padawan”

Source : gamesradar.com

              Newsweek Star Wars mag (19)

May the fourth be with you!

ROS spoilers

My only complaint about ROS is when Chewbacca gets killed, they instantly show he’s alive in the next scene. What? They don’t give the viewer time to mourn A lot of videos on YouTub are claiming that the paced was too fast. That’s what an action-packed movie is. Even the originals didn’t have a lot of downtime. Maybe ROJ had more at Ewoks festive, I don’t know. Oh, and with Palpatine coming back. He’s always coming back in the books and comics as a clone. Just wish they would have explained that. I understand the dvd has no deleted scenes and I hear there was a lot. In fact, this movie was supposed to be three hours. Maybe someday we’ll get it though with an extended cut like we got “Lord of the Rings”