“It’s okay. I’m working on something better.”

“I shouldn’t ask you to do this. Especially when I haven’t seen you in years. I’m sorry I

haven’t called. I’ve been moving around. I just don’t know who else to turn to. I don’t

think our parents have forgiven me yet.”

“That was eight years ago. Now you’re getting help,” Lisa said. “They will.”

“I’m surprised you said you would take in Kristy for me,” Sara looked down. “Especially

after the things I’ve said to you.”

“That’s what families do. We forgive.” Lisa held out her hand and her sister took it.

Something doesn’t feel right.

“About Kristy staying for six months. Um, well…it might be longer.”

“Longer?” Lisa whispered. “How much longer?”

“Er. . .let’s say a year or longer.” Sara swallowed and tried to avoid Lisa’s glare. “I just

need time to put my life back together.”

“Your life. . .what about my life?” Lisa spat.

Sara wiped an eye. “I need someone to look after her. I don’t want her following my


“Doesn’t she have any other place to stay?”

“I trust you. I don’t want her to go into the system or to our parents. I don’t know what

they’re like anymore.” Sara rested her hand on top of Lisa’s.

Lisa’s eyes softened. She sipped her tea then sighed. “I’ll do it for her.”

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