Batman tech

So now that the Dark Knight trilogy has come to an end and the new Batman comic book coming out this summer entitled “Batman ‘66” let’s take a look at some of the gadgets used and created by Applied Science in this two part article. Not only does he have his utility built but the Batsuit is also a gadget as well, combining armor, communication and combat technologies. In the first article we’ll examine the different components of the Batsuit.


The Armor — The main component is a modified, armor system called the Normax Survival suit. Basically the suit is a neoprene undersuit, much like a scuba diver wears. Also he has brass forearm gauntlets.

These gauntlets, along with his Kevlar gloves, make Batman’s arms a viable defensive or offensive weapons. His gauntlets allow him to block against blades like knifes and swords.

Cowl — Instead of the helmet that accomplices the Nomax suit, Batman replaced it with the menacing cowl. But not only does it strike terror in his enemies, the cowl has bullet-prof plating that shields parts of Batman’s head. Also, the “ears” are equipt with a radio scanner allowing Batman to be first on the scene.

The microphones are combined with earpieces that give his superior earing and they can be used to amplify his voice and broadcast it through a hidden speaker, giving him a disembodied and unearthly sound.

Cape — Based on a nylon derivative, the special memory (link)fiber, can flow like any fabric, but when an electric charge is applied, the fibber can confirm to different shapes. For instance, Batman turns his cape into a glider.


Utility Built — Batman’s built is a modified climbing harness. With an innovative gear-attachment system, he can grab and replace anything on the built with seconds.


Emp — In the Dark Knight Rises, Batman pulls out a Emp blaster. Short for electromagnetic pulse, an Emp is an invisible wave that knocks out electronics. In fact, scientist are working on Emps to knock out cameras like Bruce Wayne did in the movie.

Batpod — Able to handle urban and country terrain, the noticeable and best feature on this are the huge tires that can turn 360 degrees so Batman can drive in any direction.

The Bat — One of the newer vehicles and sadly it won’t be seen again. A flying machine, the Bat has a long tail, and curls up in flight. It’s also equipt with flood lights and assault weapons.

CatEars — Just like Batman’s cowl, Catwoman has her own tech. From the flashing electronic nodss with warm Bluetooth glow, it could provide communication to police scanners, security systems, and Kyle’s girlfriend at home. They could also use a sonar system to detect movement around her. Finally, they could include electronic jammers for other electronics picking up on her movements.


Power Generator — More theoretical weapon than an intentional one, the power generator is a project funded by Wayne Enterprises to turn nuclear energy into green technology.