The Awakening : Part 1

    Chapter 1



The colors of the watercolor painting started to blur together in front of Lisa.

Brown hair waved in the air. Jade eyes looked down. The woman’s white robe just

needed some finishing touches. Her wings expanded over floating castles.

Hopefully the public will like this at the gallery. Unlike Lisa’s last painting, which

didn’t even get a glance. It was an abstract painting of many colors; she’d thought

it was good, but the public had other opinions. Funny how I dreamt of this woman a

few nights ago, she thought, writing a name below the angel: Celestina.

Lisa stood back to admire her work. Her body tingled just looking at the angel’s

pixie face staring down at the city she was charged with. I’m so tired, I should stop for

tonight. But I only have a few touch ups left. Taking her thin paint brush and dipping it

in the brown paint on the pallet, Lisa hovered over Celestina’s hair when a child

crying next door made her hand jolt. She scrutinized her apartment wall. Lisa

shook her head and went back to her painting. A few moments later there was a

knock on her door. Lisa stopped painting, left the bedroom and went downstairs.

That time already?

Lisa crossed the living room to the front door and opened it. There stood her

sister, Sara, soaked through from the rain. Sara’s gold bangs stuck to her forehead

and water dripped from her straight long hair onto the balcony.

Sara stood tall and slim. Her eyes were accentuated with dark blue mascara that

now ran down her face.

“Hey, sis,” Lisa said, while Sara gave her a hug.