Chapter 2

Down an abandoned alley Joe stood in front of a black robed figure, his face hidden underneath a cowl. “So, how’s the Underworld?” Joe asked.

“He’s got demons searching everywhere for the Heart. No telling where the pieces landed.” Ben paused. “How’s the girl?”

“She is safe for the time being,” Joe said. “You don’t know why the demons attacked her, Ben?”

“No. Dakon confides in his master alone. No demon is present. You think this girl has something to do with the Angelheart? Maybe she found a part of it by accident?”

Joe shook his head. “I don’t know.” Looking at the pale, sapphire sky, he remembered erasing Lisa’s memory of the incident of him fighting with the men earlier in the evening.

“Is there something else troubling you?”

“I walked into her gallery and saw a painting of the Queen. Lisa said she had a dream of her and painted it. Then when I fought Dakon she could see through the veil of invisibility.”

“Maybe she’s a soothsayer?” asked Ben.

Joe thought for a minute. “Could be. Maybe the demons want to use her to find the Angelheart?” Ben’s dark eyes gazed at him from beneath the hood. He had a feeling Ben was thinking the same thing. “I need to talk to her, find out what she knows.”

“I’d better get back to the Underworld,” Ben said.

“Sounds like our mission isn’t as easy as the Queen thought it would be. Keep an eye on her,” Ben said. “Oh, yes. And the demons are growing from their infancy to being full grown in no time at all. Dakon will do anything to find it this time.”

Joe nodded his understanding. “I’ll see you later friend. Report when you have more news.” He hated that his friend was stuck down in the Underworld around that awful stench. He also knew that a half demon could enter all three dimensions; the Underworld, Earth and Heaven. He had hoped they would have been home by now.

On his way to his apartment, among the streets, a foul odor swept through the air. Joe ran into a young lady with long copper hair, dressed in dark clothing. Her frozen blue eyes stared at him. Her hands had lost their color. Her fingernails were black with decay. Not at all like he remembered her. “What are you doing here on Earth?” she asked.

“The same as you, Keera,” Joe said. “You know you can’t tune in on it anymore.”

Stepping closer to him, Keera licked her cold lips. Her breath smelled rotten when she spoke. “I can tune it in a lot better now with the greater power.” She whispered into his ear. “Come join the winning side Joe, Earth and your kind are doomed. Besides, don’t you want back what we used to have?” she said, running a long nail down his face.

“What I want is you monsters burning alive just like…”

Keera socked Joe in the gut. “Your skills could have served him well. No matter. We will find the Heart. When we do the one thing that will burn alive is the Earth with all the humans in it.” She walked away.