Laugh with Joker

The Iconic villain has been brought to life from the comics to the small and big screen by some amazing talent. Here is a list of the “Clown Prince of Crime” in order of famous faces and voices that played The Joker. What would Batman be without this amazing, colorful nut.

Cesar Romero (1960 — Batman the series and ’66 movie)

Jack Nicholson (1989 — Batman the first silver screen movie)

Mark Hamill (1992 — Batman: the Animated Series, Mask of Phantasm, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, The Killing Joke)

Roger Stoneburner (2002 — Birds of Prey)

Kevin Michael Richardson (2003 — Animated movie: Mystery of the Batwoman)

Jeff Bennett (2008 — Animated series: Brave and the Bold)

Heath Ledger (2008 — The Dark Knight)

John DiMaggio (2010 — Animated movie: Under the Red Hood)

Brent Spiner (2010 — Young Justice)

Troy Baker (2014 — Animated movie: Assault on Arkham

Jared Leto (2016 — Suicide Squad)


There is so many more Jokers I didn’t list and have to admit didn’t watch all of them. Check out the youtube vid of “50 years of Joker” I do wish the ‘Birds of Prey’ would have went on longer than just one season but maybe with DC movies coming up we’ll be able to see more.

–“I think we’re destined to do this forever.” –The Dark Knight.