Sara turned toward the stairs. “Come meet your aunt, Kristy.”

Lisa looked around the door to see a young girl, around fourteen climbing the steps,

dragging a suitcase. When Kristy stopped at the door, Lisa saw a young Sara that reminded

her of herself four years ago. Kristy’s brown hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her sparkling

eyes made her skin light up, If only she didn’t have a crease on her face.

“Hi, Kristy. I’m Lisa,” she held out her hand.

“Hi,” Kristy said solemnly, without extending her hand.

“Don’t be rude, Kristy,” her mother said.

“That’s okay. Why don’t you come in?” Lisa said.

“Could you just watch TV or listen to your ipod while I talk to your aunt?”

“Sure.” Kristy sat her suitcase down then plopped on the couch.

“Can I get something to drink for you two?” Lisa asked.

“I’ll have a Sprite,” Kristy said, putting her headphones on.

“None for me,” Sara said, looking at the painting of a park hanging on the wall.

Lisa handed Kristy a can. “I made some tea. I was hoping it would keep me awake.” She

told Sara.

“Sure.” Sara sat at the kitchen table and Lisa handed her a cup. “Did you paint that?”

“I did,” Lisa said, looking at a multi-colored painting on the wall, sipping her tea. “I

tried to sell it at the gallery where I work but no one seemed interested so my manager had

me take it down.”

   “I’m sorry.”

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