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self-publishing advise :

The Creative Penn — Joanna Penn, a self-published thriller writer runs a podcast and wrote many books on writing and self-publishing and marketing experience. She also has a lot of great courses for beginners.

James Scott Bell — Thriller and Historical writer, also writes guide books on writing. My to go fav is Plot and Structure and Revision and Self-Editing.

Just Publishing Advice —Need info on publishing? This is the place, keywords, metadata, info on writing, what is Amazon Select?

Self publishing with Dale — He has a YouTube video and talks to other’s about publishing and gives you advice on how and where to publish your books like Amazon or Draft 2 Digital.

writing books :

Stephen King On Writing

Marcia Golub I’d Rather Be Writing – my first writing book from ’98

Terry Brooks Lessons From a Writing Life Sometimes The Magic Works

Some great stuff :

Deb Cushman — A fantastic children’s writer

Fortuneart — Does awesome pictures with paper art

Kingsmovie — Superman vs Batman and other great movies

indiebound   support indie authors!

Still struggling to write that novel? Moreci has some good tips for you. Not only is she direct but she’s also funny while giving you that kick in the butt you need.

NWN – news found around the web!