Star Trek Beyond: The Review

Everyone climb aboard the USS Enterprise for a fast pace nonstop action. This follow up to ‘Into Darkness’ picks up when Capt. Kirk and his crew are into three years of their five year mission to explore space and go where no man has gone before. They get a call to guide a ship through a nebula, but things go awry when the Enterprise is attacked and destroyed. An alien name Krall captures the crew, while in search of a relic on board. Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. Bones and a few others escape and get separated on a nearby planet. Now with the help of a young warrior named, Jayla, a century old Starfleet ship, the U.S.S. Franklin – which she’s been rebuilding to escape the planet, — In using this old technology, they must save the crew and the Federation from Krall’s devious plot.

The overall story is very tight and easy to follow. Much better than ‘Into Darkness’ and the characters are what you’d expect in any ‘Star Trek’ film like the bantering between Bones and Mr. Spock. The heroics of Capt. Kirk. As Mr. Spock would say, “It would be illogical to be missed!”


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