Excerpt of ‘Chronicle Gate’ vol 1

Hello Friends of Fantasy,


How about that ‘Avengers Infinity War’? It was so epic and so much stuff happened that I had to see it twice. Not just twice but I saw it back to back in two days. Never have I done that with a movie. Wow! And we finally got to see the Guardians with some of the Avengers. I’m glad they didn’t all join in at same battle. Would have been overkill. I admit I was a little worried with having so many characters, but the story was very strong, I thought. You didn’t even think about the missing characters. Ant-Man is getting sequel and I have a feeling Hawkeye will be in there somewhere.


So last month I reviled the title of my upcoming book “The Chronicle Gate” Vol 1. And am now pleased to put out an excerpt of ch 1. I am working on the cover now. Turns out there is a learning curve in using GIMP so it may take me a few months, but I’ll get it. Sigh. Anyway, here it is!


Chapter 1



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